Where Do We Go Now?

Great meeting tonight. Two meetings, in fact, and two more to come tomorrow. “Losing” an election by beating more than half the candidates in the race, and having the distinction of spending less per vote than any other, means a lot. There’s so much I’m trying to do right now, whether it’s on an interpersonalContinue reading “Where Do We Go Now?”

More Notes from the “Trenches”

There’s one thing most of us in the District C race have in common right now. We are very, very sleepy people. This past Sunday was when I got to see a lot of humanity in my fellow candidates. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re all working our butts off and are underslept and overworked,Continue reading “More Notes from the “Trenches””

Please Don’t Call the Police on Your Black Friends, and Other Good Ideas That Need Sharing

Atatiana Jefferson was murdered in her own home. This is “not okay,” to put it euphemistically. I’m concerned that her killer is going to be sent off with a slap on the wrist. If your Black friend tells you not to call the police, even if you have not heard from them in a fewContinue reading “Please Don’t Call the Police on Your Black Friends, and Other Good Ideas That Need Sharing”

Campaign Trail, Day 157,892. Or So It Feels.

It was my least favorite part of the job, assembling those No on Metro signs back in 2012. Day in, day out, any spare moment we had – and those moments were few and far between, but the five of us would do it together, coffee in our ever-dustifying hands. The door would open, andContinue reading “Campaign Trail, Day 157,892. Or So It Feels.”

5:04 am. The Candidate Never Sleeps. That’s Okay.

Dear Houston: It’s still last night to me. Whether it’s a computer problem, another forum, another questionnaire or twelve, I’m just at it, for 18-20 hours a day. And I’m dang tired. My friends who’ve successfully made it into public office (and are doing great jobs) have told me that even on their hardest days,Continue reading “5:04 am. The Candidate Never Sleeps. That’s Okay.”

10 Tips for Those Fed-up Enough to Run for Office

Campaign finance report finally complete! Still have six and a half hours to sleep before football, even.  (Come join our weekly festivities at PJ’s and Cecil’s on W. Gray if you can, it’s a good time.) After the Molly Ivins documentary last night, there was a Q&A with a fabulous woman (whose name escapes me rightContinue reading “10 Tips for Those Fed-up Enough to Run for Office”

Here for Houston, and here for you.

Let’s do this, together. Running for office is not in any way easy. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. But I became disgusted enough this year to run for office. Do I regret it? Oh Lord, yes – I often do. Will I continue, and will I do it again if not elected? Damn rightContinue reading “Here for Houston, and here for you.”

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